BLEU BOND team has over 20 years of combined experience in the technology, environmental research and online consumer space.


Climate Action

Profil Picture Laura Romanin

Laura Romanin

CEO - Co-founder

Our aim is to create innovative solutions and services that reduce negative impacts on our environment.

Our vision for Bleu Bond is to launch a new generation of innovative products and services that solves the current climate crisis. 

WEKLEEN® was selected for fulfilling The London Economic Action Partnership strategy which sets out its key goals for investment:

  1. Skills and Employment
  2. Enhancing the competitiveness of London’s small and medium sized enterprises
  3. Strengthening science & technological development and fostering innovation
  4. Investing in London’s Infrastructure
Profil Picture Mehdi Cheraitia

Mehdi Cheraitia

Generalized AI Executive
Hands-on Shareholder


WeKleen® is a line of waterless, cruelty-free, non-toxic, all-in-one scooter, bike and motorcycle cleaner that is effective and kind to the planet too. Commuting just got easier. 


WeKleen® Awarded Zero Waste Award

Bleu Bond &  Lovelace & Turing Limited partnered with one common mission:  aim to solve the overconsumption of fresh water in the UK and offer conscious water-efficient solutions to consumers and businesses.   

creating innovative technologies for real estate and smart city infrastructures


WeKleen® Hub

Full functioning state-of-the-art waterless infrastructure that includes all environmental conscious features. Aims to solve water quality, water wastage and increase water-use efficiency while capitalizing on parking premises. 

Stay hyper-connected through our cloud-based parking and logistical solutions.

WeKleen® Hub will integrate and automate the most of your Real-Estate if Eligible whilst becoming a Sustainable Global Service Provider.

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