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Water is our fundamental source of life. Yet globally, about 2 billion people don’t have access to clean H2O. They’re travelling miles to get it or drinking water that is contaminated with human waste, harmful chemicals and other toxic elements. It’s not only bad for human health, but it also impacts countries’ economies and people’s future. Goal 6 is all about providing Clean Water and Sanitation for all. Through the sustainable management of water and sanitation, together we can make sure no-one is denied access to our most vital source of life…



More people are living in cities than ever. The result is skyrocketing pollution and poverty. Cities only occupy 3% of all land on earth and yet huge numbers of us still choose to live in them. The issue is that when cities expand, carbon emissions soar, ill health increases, housing gets poorer and urban areas become more vulnerable to natural disaster. It all sounds like really bad news, doesn’t it? Goal 11 is dedicated to supporting plans for Sustainable Cities and Communities. By putting our heads together to think up schemes and initiatives, we can create cities that are safer, cleaner and happier places to live in…



We’re consuming far more than our planet can keep providing. If we carry on like this, our projected population of 9.6 billion by 2050 will need three earth-like planets to maintain our current lifestyle. Goal 12 looks at how we can all be more Responsible Consumers and Producers. How we buy, eat and use things and the ways we source and make them can make big differences to both our planet and its population. From upcycling clothes to eating odd shaped fruit to even making beer from uneaten bread, it’s time to get creative with the products we consume…


#13 Climate Action

We all know climate change is one of the defining issues affecting our planet. Our over-consumption of fossil fuels has disrupted the carbon cycle, creating extreme weather events, sea-level-rise, and a change in crop growth and water systems. Did you know for example that global emissions of CO2 have increased by almost 50% since 1990?  But where there’s disaster, there’s also opportunity. Goal 13 is all about taking Climate Action. Renewable energy sources and repurposing waste carbon gases for other uses are just some of the ways we can make the change now. Together, we can create a greener, healthier earth for all future generations…


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