WeKleen® Waterless Refill 1L


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WeKleen® Waterless Refill 1L


– Refill not landfill

– Refill your 250ml WeKleen® Waterless Kit x4 times

– All-in-one cleaner both clean, shine and protects the paintwork, glass, plastic, chrome, leather, dashboards, and wheels with all-in-one multi-cleaner for bike and scooter.



WeKleen® Waterless Refill  includes 1L of our waterless,  cruelty-free,  non-toxic and environmentally friendly all-in one self-cleaner.  It’s gentle, concentrated nano technology formulation both cleans and shines surfaces.

Refill your 250ml WeKleen® Waterless Kit x4 times

All-in-one eco-friendly cleaner, both cleans, shines and protects surfaces (paintwork, glass, chrome, leather and wheels)

Make the switch and be part of our company’s journey to help combat the raising water consumption and protect the aquatic life.  When you make the switch, you’re saving 80 and 140 gallons of fresh water.  Every time.


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Weight 1.028 kg
Dimensions 83.2 × 242.3 cm


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